The Ultimate Listing Presentation

FAYETTEVILLE, NC- Matt Jones, President and CEO of, began as a brand new REALTOR® in June of 2002. In his first full year in real estate, he listed 114 homes, all at 8% or more! Since then, his single agent practice has become the largest company in his market-all in under four short years.

So how did Matt achieve this level of success in such a short time? “It really comes down to three simple things,” says Jones. “First, I focused on listings. I developed a listing presentation that almost never failed. Many times I went up against the top agents in our local market, and walked away with the listing because my listing approach was innovative and fresh, and not the same old thing that everyone else is using.” Matt listed 74 homes in his first 12 months in real estate and 114 in his first full calendar year while the average agent in his market listed only three.

“Next, I focused on customer acquisition,” continues Matt. “It doesn’t matter how good you are if you have no customers. A good customer count solves a lot of problems.” Matt developed a unique technology that has produced over 2,000 inbound customers every single month. “The truth is that I was not a great agent when I started out. I would never have made it without lots of chances. That’s why it is so important to have lots of ‘at bats.’” Matt has since gone on to license this same internet technology to other REALTORS® throughout the United States and Canada, and many of those agents are having very similar results.

One such agent, Kyle Wilson of Silverhawk Realty used the approach to grow his single agent practice to a large team of agents in only two years. Wilson has since become a top producing agent in his market of Boise, ID. Says Wilson, “Our team closed 126 transactions in 2006 and 130 in 2007, which was a “slow market” according to the so-called experts. And we did it at a fraction of the advertising dollars we would have spent using traditional marketing methods.” In fact, Kyle said that 7 of the 10 top producers in his company of 150 agents used this same system.

The third thing Matt concentrated on was multiplication. “Finally, I focused on multiplying my time and energy. I did that primarily in two different ways: by using technology and by hiring agents. This allowed me to grow my business much larger than I could have as a single agent working the traditional real estate model.” Unlike many of today’s “experts”, Matt actually practices what he preaches every single day. “If we weren’t actually doing it every day,” says Jones, “CNN would have never featured our company. This is not a lot of recycled old theories, but a brand new approach to the greatest business in the world.”

We asked and Matt has agreed to share his “Ultimate Listing Presentation” seminar with readers! Not only does he share his listing approach, but he reveals the actual presentation itself-the entire approach, from prep work, to how he does his CMA’s to how to become the dominant agent in your market. Then he goes on to discuss how any agent can generate a huge percentage of his business from the internet using a few simple strategies, and finally Matt discusses how to take all the new-found business and cash in on it by building a team. This 6-part email seminar is a lot to read, but entirely worth the effort.

So, if you are an agent looking to improve your practice or simply to add some powerful tools to your arsenal, you should waste no time in reading this seminar-it will change the way you do real estate forever! Exclusive:
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