Build Business by NOT Blogging!

By: Markell Hardin

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Build Business by NOT Blogging!
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I did it! I took approximately SEVEN MONTHS off from my blogs! And guess what?

Not only is my business still going full speed ahead, I feel better than I have in months.

Should YOU stop blogging too? It depends. If you answer YES to 4 out of the 5 questions below, then you can put the brakes on your blog too!

  • You have an active Facebook page with lots of interaction between you and potential clients
  • You have a solid 10-12 month history of blogging at least 2 times per month
  • Your ‘to do’ list is always growing, and the items are never checked off your list completely
  • Your family and friends are frustrated over the amount of hours you work. The words ‘Bad Market’ won’t fly as an excuse anymore
  • You feel tired, overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, and an overall dis-satisfaction with your job

If you answered No to more than one question, come back when you are clearly off of your rocker, or at least closer to being stressed to the max!


So why did I do it? Why did I quit blogging, when everyone tells us to blog blog blog blog? Because I like to buck the system, that’s why! AND I re-read Stephen R. Covey’s First Things First.

Seriously though, when you have your own business, your largest commodity is TIME. Once you start making money, time becomes this elusive ghost that passes you by once in a while, mostly on holidays and sick days. When you’re feeling your best, you’re working. When you’re feeling creative, you’re working. You get the picture.

I stepped back and looked at my business, and it was not giving me everything that I needed (most of which was free time), so I needed to step back and take a break. And the results are nothing short of stellar. During my break, here are the wonderful things that happened:

  • My family became a more cohesive unit. We were all spread so thin, running in different directions, running running running. I applied 100% of the time I would have spent blogging to spending time on my family and my home.
  • Along with blogging, a few other ‘non-necessities’ got taken off the list so I could increase my time even further: Non-productive phone calls (email me!), researching information about Google Juice (SEO), and learning how to re-invent the wheel all while micromanaging my team.
  • That nagging ‘you should’ voice in my head finally got QUIET! We all have that voice when…everyone who is self employed does, the voice that you should be doing more more more more to grow grow grow grow.

The final analysis is this: YOU are in charge of your business. If you’re stressed and don’t have enough hours in the day, YOU are putting too many tasks IN your day! If stepping away from the blog seems impossible to you, you can outsource it and have it written for you…but for some people this would cause them more stress, so if that is you, chillax, and maybe just blog less. Chop that ‘To-Do’ list in half for a while, you’ll feel better!


And you’re dying to know: Did my business ‘fall off’ as far as inquiries go? No, it did not. I simply found other ways to market my business, and delegated those tasks that did not involve my ‘hovering’ over the work. I got the same number of inquiries I always get, even when I’m writing columns and blogs. What’s that old saying?….Oh yea, Life is Good!


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