Be the Relocation Guru in Your Area!

By: Beth Ann Long

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I have a passion for helping people relocate to my city-Spokane, WA. No offense to anyone in particular but I don’t appreciate paying those hefty relocation referral fee’s which are often as much as 40%. Don’t get me wrong- I have paid my share of them, and occasionally I still land a company referral with a fee attached and service them well.

Why not do everything you can to be the local ” go to” agent for relocation in your city! I have done very well on my own with relocation clients and I plan on stepping up my game in 2011 bigtime.

Here are some tips for landing those golden relocation leads on your own:

  • Keep your website updated! Make sure there is a good form for a free relocation packet.
  • Blog your fanny off about your local area…on a regular basis!
  • Consider purchasing buyer leads (what?!) Yup. I have amazing luck with the LCM Gateway and Buyerlink.
  • Make a video of your area and plaster it all over the web. (that is what I am doing THIS month- stay tuned!)
  • Write letters and set appointments with organizations/corporations  who bring people in and out of your area. Ask for a face to face appointment. Bring in references. Offer to donate a percentage of your commission  to their favorite charity when they give you a client.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter and the like for making all kinds of brag references about your area, events, listings, and local hot spots.
  • Offer a Virtual Tour of your area on your blogs, websites,  ect.
  • Participate in city events in your area. Become a member of chamber, ect.
  • Send a letter to your sphere of influence letting them know you love to help people relocate in and out of your area!

Those are just a few tips that may prove to be useful.

Here is an actual reference I have from some wonderful clients who recently relocated to Spokane from Alaska.

BethAnn Long is much more than a Realtor.  She is a relocation expert!   We researched and interviewed dozens of Realtors in anticipation of our move to Spokane from out of state.   BethAnn stood out as the one Realtor we knew we could trust to make this the most successful move for our family.  From our first interaction she was professional, prompt, knowledgeable and passionate.  The relocation packet, market analysis, property listings and community information she provided gave us the tools we needed to maximize our research efforts.  During a two week house-hunting visit to Spokane, BethAnn spent countless hours and endless miles with us.  She showed true dedication by always being genuinely happy to show us ‘just one more’.   I have to say that being in a car all day, for days at a time with BethAnn, and our one year old baby, we actually had fun.  Her perceptive attention to our specific housing and community needs continually made us feel as though we were her most important clients.  BethAnn’s expertise and consistent hard work were invaluable during the purchase process which we did long distance.  Post closing BethAnn has strived to help us settle in and continues to be a valuable and available resource.

She is the complete package and is far and away the best Realtor I have ever worked with.

Trulie & Kurt H.

Now THAT is how I measure success! I am planning on having a  great year in 2011 helping people achieve their goals to relocate to Spokane, Wa.


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