What Does it Take to Be Great in 2011

By: Greg Schenk, SIOR

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Many people ask themselves ‘what does it take to be great’? After almost twenty five years of assisting clients and reaching a level I never thought possible, I want to share with you the most important areas that have helped me and many others to greatness!

1. Live with an attitude of gratitude!

A great attitude will help you overcome almost anything in life. Too many people are negative and don’t know how much it affects everything they do. Be thankful for all that you have and build from there.

2. Master the process of real estate!

Whether its commercial or residential, the better you know and understand the entire process from start to finish and can help your client understand it the more clients you will get and keep leading to more business!

3. Master your real estate market!

Know your local market better than any other agent. As a commercial broker who specializes in tenant representation and specifically office and medical office space, I know each and every building in my target market area, who are the owners, leasing agents, who can do what with incentives, who can improve a property and who will lose it back to the lender. This takes time. Due diligence is key to make you stand out from all other brokers in the market and become a “master of the market”!

4. Develop good people skills.

What are people skills ? Putting people ( i.e. your prospective clients) first. What are their needs, wants, goals, and plans. Do you make them feel at ease? Do you enjoy talking and helping them understand the process, the market, the issues affecting them? Do you offer creative solutions? People skills differentiate the average from the superstar agent!

5. Develop listening skills.

I believe the hardest skill to master is to ” listen without the intent to reply”. I actually took an active listening course years ago as I was a terrrible listener.  Now every time I try to really listen to what the person is saying and let them finish before I respond. If you can master this you will be great in 2011!

6. Develop discipline!

If you are disciplined, you will succeed no question about it. No one has to tell me to get up at the crack of dawn or finish what I am working on or make ten new contacts a day to be the best I can be.

7. Develop organizational skills.

So many people waste so much time in this area. I told one of my agents long ago you can make $10/hour or $300/hour in this business its up to you. Have everything in order and in its place, know where everything is, and have a contact management database. This will put you ahead of most agents. A cluttered office is slowing you down.

8. Master time management.

Along with organizational skills this is paramount to your success. Have a daily, weekly and monthly plan for what you need to do to accomplish your goals!

9. Pay attention to detail.

Every assignment has something non-ecomonical that can be crucial to the overall satisfaction of the client, it may be that parking space next to the door, signage, or precise lease or purchase language.  It’s in the details. Pay attention to even the small items or it may come back and bite you!

10. Master goal making and planning.

This must be done daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Ones that are specific and time definite. Every year I have a goals both personal and professional. They are always something to help push me to learn and grow as a person.  For me, time is everything. The more time I can have for myself and with my son I know I have reached my goals. What are your goals? Are they well thought out, written and have a timeline for them? I use to chant my top three goals growing up and knowing that I reached them brings me alot of confidence and satisfaction in life. Confidence that I can do whatever I put my mind to! You can as well!

11. Lastly, Develop the DESIRE to be the best that YOU can be.

We are all unique with different skill sets. Master YOURS and use them to help make you great in 2011 and beyond!

Best Wishes for a wonderful year in 2011. We are here to help you learn grow and prosper.


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