Utilizing Wireless Internet

By: Stefan Swanepoel

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In 1999, Real Estate Confronts Technology noted that:

In the world of technological leaps, wireless Internet access will be the next obvious accomplishment.

The popularity of portable communication devices is predicted to continue as wireless service increasingly displaces traditional telephone lines. By 2002, wireless service for the Internet will be creating millions of new uses and opportunities. The cellular phone may soon emerge as the ideal Internet access tool and could even displace computers as the Web-connection device of choice by 2005.

And it has!

Mobile technology has enjoyed rapid evolution since its inception nearly 30 years ago. It has jumped from simple phone dialing services to modern Smartphones with the ability to serve as a small but powerful, portable computers. Since the first portable cellular phones were introduced in the early 1980s, the technology has blasted its way into everyday life with a vengeance.


Over the past two decades how consumers utilize the Internet has greatly changed and now with the inclusion of mobile Internet platforms they are changing again. With the increasing prevalence of location-based services, applications are rapidly and dramatically developing both inside and outside the real estate industry. With the addition of web usage, calendars, email, MLS, etc, to mobile devices, Realtors® can now multi-task anywhere, changing communication from a one directional request to a back-and-forth discussion involving the simultaneous exchange of data.


To offer a little perspective on data, Mobile phone usage has risen in the U.S. from 200,000 users in 1985 to over 285 million users by the end of 2010. So as we begin the second decade of the 21st Century with more than nine out of every ten Americans using cell phones as a part of daily life.

Even more intriguing, is that ABI Research estimates by 2015, Smartphones and connected computing devices (such as tethered laptops) will contribute to an incredible 87% of all U.S. mobile network data traffic.

Trends are in many cases predictable. The more you read, study and research, the more likely you are to spot the shifts occurring. That’s what we do.

About the Author

During the last fourteen years, nineteen-time author Stefan Swanepoel has widely become regarded as the leading researcher on the business and technology trends impacting the real estate industry. For more information on his annual Swanepoel TRENDS Report and the annual Swanepoel SOCIAL MEDIA Report visit


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