Search Deep Inside Your Soul!

By: Greg Schenk, SIOR

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Are you passionate about what you’re doing in life?

Is assisting people and companies improve their bottom line and life in your soul?

If so, great! Let’s do all we can to help them and listen to what is important to them!

If not, do yourself and our industry a big favor and think about what you are truly passionate about.

In my speaking, teaching and training I often mention a book that helps one find their true passion in life called “Strength Finders 2.0″ by Tom Rath. When I read this book around 5 years ago it really assisted me in knowing I should be helping other agents and   professionals that want to learn grow and prosper. It is my PASSION!.

Five years later it is still on the best seller list and I have probably given out over 100 copies to friends and students of all ages struggling with their life’s passions. Life is too short to not do something you love!

My Christmas and Holiday wish for you all is to spend the next two weeks thinking about what your passionate about in life. Write them down, read this book and take the online test to see what your passions are and if they line up with your current profession in real estate or perhaps another niche within it or perhaps something entirely different.

We are here to help you learn grow and prosper and make your dreams come true for you like they have for me.

It all starts though with searching deep inside your soul, knowing you passions and goals and then having a plan to implement them.

From our family to yours

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

Greg Schenk SIOR

2010-11 NAR RCA Signature Series Speaker


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