When Less is More

By: Beth Ann Long

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There should be a whole lot more buyin’ and a whole lot less cryin’ goin’ on!

If people truly understood the purchase power they have at this time, none of us would be getting a day off. Let’s make it a point to pick up the phone and let everyone know…when rates are this low…you can buy far more home!

For example, when rates are at 6% it takes an annual income of about 90,000$ to qualify for a 320,000 home (variables apply). When rates dip to 4.5, the annual income qualifications for that same home are about 78,000.

In THIS  MARKET…You save 3 ways:

1.PRICES have plummeted= big savings up front

2. Save HUGE over the life of a LOAN  (thousands upon thousands)*

3. Buy more house with less income qualifications with a LOWER PAYMENT than you will have when interest rates RISE and they WILL!

I am not a lender, in fact I suck at math to the point where I walked into the high school counselors office in 1977 and said these exact words: ” What is the bare minimum I have to do to get out of here“. Now see, I was smart enough to know what ” bare minimum “ was which is surely a math concept!  All I took in high school was “general math”. I knew that the only thing I wanted to do with my life was music, and therefore I did not  want to waste my time taking classes that would not further my sure and eventual fame. (Yes, I did inhale). I also told that same counselor I could not participate in  P.E. because I had bunyan’s. One trip to the podiatrist with a note to confirm this deformity and whala! No  P.E.

Then I conquered typing. Why on EARTH would I want to take typing? After ONE day in this “required” class, I walked up to the teacher and announced “I will never be a secretary”. I am a musician and I will not type.” Another trip to the counselor who was now my best friend, and he put me in some other class an yes, I got out of typing. To this day I “hunt and peck” and get by just fine, thank you!

I see I have gotten off track here…where were we? Oh that’s right…2010..back to educating our sphere of influence, and potential buyers…We are sitting on a gold mine of great buying opportunity in every way.

*That same 320,000 loan would be paid back at 888,000 over the life of a 6% loan. If the rate is 4.5% folks, the payback amortized over 30 years is 781,000. (these numbers are estimates not exact).

Let’s dedicate ourselves to spreading the word, that in EVERY WAY Less in More in this great current market of buying opportunity. Seller’s are almost always buyers, so let’s not let them make excuses! They too can benefit from this market if we help them gain perspective of the buy side.

Sorry about the flashback…


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