Languish Anguish…Kiss Stale Listings GOODBYE!

By: Beth Ann Long

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As real estate professionals- there IS something we can do to help this market move along quicker than it is currently. Are you currently working with unmotivated sellers? If so, you may be part of the problem rather than the solution.

I suggest having a meeting with all of your sellers and taking their pulse on motivation. If they don’t care whether or not their home sells, run the other way!

We are confusing and frustrating ready, able and willing  buyers by the gross overage of over-priced homes on the market. Buyers are the key to unlocking the door of this current market.

Many of the homes listed are languishing which is creating anguishing market conditions.

We need to confidently educate and show our sellers that their home is only worth what an actual buyer is willing to pay.

Show them their odds of selling, current absorption rates, and give them the great news that if they price their home right, they will be one of the lucky ones who get to take full advantage of the buying side of this market.

With today’s interest rates, the huge amounts of money you save over the life of the loan is far better than any government tax rebate of the past. It is truly worth showing your sellers what a 3.99% to 4.875% interest rate will save them on their next home.

Show them the statistics, facts, give them hope that they are far better off to play “the price is right” and be able to move on rather than being in the majority who are claiming to be victims of this market.

Yes,  your home will sell when it is priced right. As Realtors, we all need to wrap our heads around turning downover-priced listings to create a better flow in the marketplace. I suggest a face to face meeting with every current listing and re-evaluate the motivation of the seller. The key is to create movement in the market.


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