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Wednesday, August 2, 2017 — The family of the Utah woman who was killed aboard a cruise ship off Alaska have released the last picture of her alive.

Kristy Manzanares, 39, is seen on the Princess Cruises ship dressed in a white sleeveless shirt, green pants and sandals, her right hand resting on top of a rolling suitcase.

Kristy, of St George, was on a family vacation with her husband of 17 years and their three daughters – between ages 13 and 22 – when she was found murdered in her cabin on Tuesday night.

A statement from her loved ones described her as ‘a devoted mother, daughter, sister and friend’.

It continued: ‘Kristy led by example with her giving heart and we are inspired by the legacy of kindness and optimism she has instilled in her children.’

Her husband, Kenneth Manzanares, 39, was arrested and charged with her murder. Authorities say that he killed Kristy on board the Emerald Princess because she would not stop laughing at him in front of their children.

Security found her in their room at 9pm with a severe head wound. She was pronounced dead 20 minutes later.

According to cruise ship staff, Manzanares had attempted to throw her body overboard.

The theme of the cruise was a murder mystery and staff said that they believed the grisly scene had been staged as part of it when they first arrived at the couple’s room.

The cruise was a week-long and it departed from Seattle, Washington, on Sunday.

At around 9pm on Tuesday night, the captain issued a message on the ship’s intercom urging security to go to the ninth floor, where they were staying.

Once inside, they found bloody scene and Kristy’s body.

Manzanares was charged on Thursday after being taken in to the custody of Alaskan authorities on Wednesday morning when the ship docked in Alaska.

According to police, during questioning he told them: ‘My life is over’.

Others on board the ship who were on the same floor as the family immediately after the incident recalled seeing a child – possibly one of the couple’s – sitting on an older woman’s lap sobbing.

‘I see this little girl sitting on – I assume – her grandma or somebody, sitting on her lap wrapped in a blanket. And she’s just sobbing, Brian Eckstorm told KTUU.

‘A man came walking out from the hallway where it happened and he had, like, a white tank top on, and some jeans.

‘His jeans were completely covered in blood and he came out saying, ‘It’s not good, it’s not good,’ he added.

Princess Cruises confirmed that the family were on board the ship and were among 3,400 passengers when the incident occurred.

The ship docked in Juneau, Alaska, on Wednesday morning so that FBI investigators could board. The FBI said it is required to step in when such deaths occur in international or US waters.

According to Manzanares’s social media profiles, she was a real estate agent with Sotheby’s in St George, Utah.

‘In her spare time, Kristy enjoys volunteering at local schools and is involved in the Jubilee of Trees as Tree Designer each year,’ her profile on the Summit Sotheby’s International realty site reads.

‘She loves cheering on her daughters at soccer games, spending time with extended family and is currently learning how to play golf with her husband.’

Two GoFundMe pages have been set up: one to cover funeral costs and the other to provide financial support for the three girls.

Several people, including at least one child, were escorted by authorities off the vessel in separate groups. Some were wearing white and gray hooded sweat shirts, with hoods or umbrellas in some cases obscuring their faces.

Some passengers told Fox 13 that they heard two men and a woman fighting on their balcony Tuesday night, and then a woman screaming for her life.

‘People were running through the hall with blood all over them and trying to get security,’ passenger Megan Morr said.

Morr said that even the captain came on over the intercom, ordering crew to respond to the incident.

‘He was very worked up, he said, “Everyone, we need all medical, security, all personnel to deck 9 and deck 14.” And that scared me because I’m on deck 14,’ Morr said.

Charles Rowlen and his wife told KOMO News they were two decks above at the time.

He told the station: ‘Well, it was evening for us…definitely [heard a] woman screaming.

‘A little girl from that room came running out calling for help…that her parents had been in a fight. She sounded pretty desperate.’

Others said they then saw a man trying to jump off the ship after the altercation.

‘They were on deck 7 and he tried to run up to deck 9 to jump off the ship, but security grabbed him before he could jump,’ Morr said.

‘You feel sorry for the family but a lot of people had to wait,’ said Lloyd Barrows, a passenger from Alberta, Canada.

The Emerald Princess was diverted to Juneau because of the investigation. The ship arrived in Juneau early Wednesday, and passengers were kept on board for more than eight hours before they were allowed to disembark around 8.30pm.

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