Your Independence Day!

By: Matt Jones

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July 4 150Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is the most important national holiday of the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

In other words, it is not a celebration of the Revolutionary War, but rather it commemorates the decision — the radical decision — to change our country’s direction forever.  What followed was very tough, and at times the Colonial Army was not certain they would prevail, but in the end they were victorious and the United States of America was born.

So have you ever wondered why we celebrate the decision and not the victory?  I think it is because victory is the ultimate outcome of making the right decision.  Without first staking out a firm decision, victory is impossible.  The same is true in your business.

Much like the thirteen colonies were being oppressed by the British, many agents today are suffering under a bad economy, too much housing inventory, depressed housing prices, the inability to get people financed, and not enough “qualified” customers.  Many feel as though they have no choice but to endure it.

I believe for many agents it’s time to make your own Declaration of Independence.  Independence from the economy.  Independence from the housing inventory, housing prices, financing issues — all problems that can be solved with one single thing:  more qualified customers.

It’s time to make a decision to be truly independent — the independence that only comes from having so many customers that you can be picky and focus on the ones who are actually qualified!  And I only know of one place where is an abundance of customers today: online.

94% of today’s homebuyers and sellers are beginning online.  Many agents are doing the bulk of their business with customers they met online.  So, how many customers are you currently getting from the largest customer pool of all?  If it’s not enough, my LCM technology can definitely help you.

Don’t believe me, read this email from an agent and fellow reader who knows what it means to celebrate independence… Charlyn is a single mom who recently switched careers to real estate. Read her email:


I HAD to email you. I’ve worked in and around the real estate business for years, but this is my first year as a full time agent. I have to tell you, as a single mom, I’ve been nervous about the career switch and have experienced doubts about whether I can be successful in real estate.

But I just found your LCM technology last month, and I immediately knew that that’s what was missing from my practice. I set it up and posted my first ad in about 15 mins just like you showed me (and it was FREE), and I got two customers overnight!!! I called one lead immediately, got them qualified the SAME DAY, and now we are closing just three weeks after showing them their dream home!

Plus, I’m still getting 3-4 new customers per week from my FREE ads. I can honestly say I’m thrilled about my future in real estate, because I don’t have to worry about where my next customer will come from! Thank you!!!” – Charlyn Gallagher, NC

I would like Independence Day to be a double celebration next year.  Celebrating our national holiday, but also celebrating your decision to become independent in your real estate practice.  A celebration of the day you decided to quit being a passenger and begin being the driver of your own success.

So, in celebration of your independence, right now you can get my LCM technology free for six months! Find out how at the link below.

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