80% of Agents Will Miss the Next Real Estate Boom

What if I told you the next five years in real estate could set you up for a massive retirement — much bigger than you probably ever considered? Why? Because real estate is coming back and it’s coming back huge! Every day there’s another news report that real estate is finally beginning to make a [...]

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The Two Schools of Thought in Real Estate

To someone who makes a living in sales — any kind of sales — finding the best leads is the most important thing to their success. And it is particularly important if you make a living practicing real estate during a very tough economy. It’s more important than being good with customers. It’s more important [...]

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4 Mistakes That Cost Agents $264 Million Last Year

Today, over two-thirds of all Realtors reported having a website, one in ten reported having a real estate blog, and more than half are using social media. Sound good, right? Not so fast. According to the National Association of Realtors Member profile, the typical Realtor brought in only four inquiries and did only 3 percent [...]

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I Hate Technology

Those who know me are probably surprised at such a statement, but it’s true: I hate technology! Let me explain. Do you ever get the idea that an entire cottage industry exists for the sole purpose of fleecing agents out of their hard-earned commission dollars? Ever feel like a new technology company springs up every [...]

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