Are You Kidding? Nobody is That Broke!

Agents everywhere are struggling to make ends meet, but right now is the worst time to stop advertising and generating new business. This author explains how agents can continue to make leads even when things are tight.

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How Much is Your Listing Presentation Costing You?

What if I told you that your listing approach is costing you over $30,000 every year? Is it? Before you answer that question, do the following exercise with me. How many listings did you take in the last 12 months? The average agent listed about one per month — or 12 for the year. But [...]

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Why Aren’t You a Top Producer?

As someone who has interacted with thousands of agents from around the world, and who has had the privilege of discussing both successes and failures of many real estate practices, I can tell you that the difference between very successful agents and average agents is razor thin.  You would truly be amazed. For that reason, [...]

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Join Us in Our Christmas Giveaway

Have you already started your winter break? Is your summer busy season starting to slowdown? The holidays are a perfect time for stockpiling new ideas to help jumpstart your business for the new year. The folks behind have partnered with us for this exclusive free offer. Two lucky readers will be selected from [...]

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Be a Part of the Fastest Growing Real Estate Community on the Web

Matt Jones is one of our longtime authors here at and has recently started a forum community built around smart agents helping other smart agents be more successful by sharing marketing ideas and discussing issues that affect the real estate community. You can think of it as a think tank of agents, by agents, [...]

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How to Improve Your Referral Network for Pennies

Everyone knows that referral customers are as good as cash. A 2005 study released by the NAR reported that over 80% of referrals result in a closed transaction.  Nearly half of all real estate firms have a business development department offering relocation services or a full relocation department, in an effort bring in referral business [...]

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Book Review – The Virtual Office Model

What would you think of a major university where only 15% of its graduates went on to get a job?  Would you want to send your kids there?  Or what would you think of a brand of automobile if 9 out of every 10 sold broke down beyond repair in the first two years?  You [...]

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New Developments in RE/MAX Trademark Case

Earlier, we brought you the controversial story of a trademark dispute between RE/MAX International and real estate technology pioneer  The complete story has been documented and commented on at length at  In short, RE/MAX believes that the yard sign as displayed on’s corporate web site (seen at bottom) is an infringement on [...]

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RE/MAX Bullying Small Companies?

That’s what real estate trainer and our very own syndicated columnist Matt Jones is claiming. RE/MAX generated a firestorm this week by challenging national real estate company in a trademark dispute over their yard signs.  The dynamics of this case are fascinating, and we plan to continue to bring you new developments as we [...]

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The Summit Training Event, May 5-6

Hickory, NC — Registration is now open for “The Summit”, a two-day training event featuring broker, trainer, and critically acclaimed author Matt Jones. The Summit has been made famous for being put on completely free of charge to attendees. Sponsored by of Catawba Valley, the May seminar will be held in the beautiful mountains [...]

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