What Baseball Can Teach About Statistics

COLUMN By JOHN ALLEN PAULOS Dec. 5, 2010 They're not hard to understand, however.

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How Much Does a Parking Spot Really Cost?

By ERIC BETZ Dec. 4, 2010 Next time you're searching for a parking space and someone grabs a spot from right in front of you, it might seem like the last space left on Earth, but ponder this: there are at least 500 million empty spaces in the United States at any given time. The 250 million cars and trucks on America's roads get a bad rap for being environmentally unfriendly

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Best Media Apps for iPad

The historical media verticals of radio, television, print and Web evaporate inside the frame of an iPad — it’s all just content, backlighted and inviting, waiting for the swipe of a finger. Long-form narrative and news has found a reliable wing man in the iPad.

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Which Cartoon Character Are You? Trend Hits Facebook

By KI MAE HEUSSNER Dec. 3, 2010 The Rugrats

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Buy a Satellite, Bring Web to Developing World

By KI MAE HEUSSNER Dec. 3, 2010 A school bus-sized satellite parked over North America is up for grabs – and a group of philanthropically-minded futurists want you to help buy it

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Star of David on Roof of Iran Airport, Google Earth Reveals

By KI MAE HEUSSNER and NED POTTER Dec. 2, 2010 Iranian officials are reportedly outraged after learning that a Google Earth satellite image revealed a Star of David emblazoned atop the roof of the Tehran airport. According to Arabic language news outlet Al Arabiya, national leaders called for the immediate removal of the Zionist symbol after it was discovered on top of the main building of Iran Air

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Obama: No New Offshore Oil Drilling in East

« Previous | Main December 01, 2010 3:25 PM The Obama administration, reversing itself in the wake of April's BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, has let it be known that it will maintain a long-standing ban on offshore oil drilling off the East Coast or western coast of Florida -- and political activists of all stripes are weighing in with delight or outrage. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said the BP spill taught some serious lessons.  "We need to proceed with caution and focus on creating a more stringent regulatory regime," he said in a statement posted by The Associated Press. Salazar's department said it will not be allowing new oil leases for at least seven years.  In March -- just three weeks before the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig disaster -- the administration had said it would allow companies to explore the potential for drilling from Delaware to central Florida, plus the northern waters of Alaska.

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Student Googles Himself, Finds He’s Murder Suspect

By KI MAE HEUSSNER Dec. 1, 2010 Vanity Google searches -- or, more specifically, Googling yourself -- can uncover all kind of surprises. But just imagine Florida student Zachary Garcia's reaction when he Googled his name and discovered he was wanted for murder.

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Starry Starry Night: Star Count May Triple

The Associated Press Post a Comment By SETH BORENSTEIN AP Science Writer WASHINGTON December 1, 2010 (AP) The night sky may be a lot starrier than we thought. A study suggests the universe could have triple the number of stars scientists previously calculated.

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Key to Happiness? Giving Thanks


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