Five Factors That Make Your Credit Score

By ELISABETH LEAMY Nov. 29, 2010 I check my email regularly and try to provide answers here in my column when somebody poses a particularly good question.

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Cyber Monday: Record Number of Retailers Have Online Deals

By SHERISSE PHAM Nov. 28, 2010 While brick-and-mortar stores have Black Friday to kick off the holiday spending spree, online the world belongs to Cyber Monday. This year, record numbers of retailers are promoting special deals for the shopping day

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Estate Tax Limbo Contingency Tips

By Ashlea Ebeling, Nov. 28, 2010 An Illinois woman inherited not quite $100 million this year

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Holiday Gift: A Job

By LINSEY DAVIS Nov. 26, 2010 Hundreds of thousands of Americans have taken on temporary jobs this holiday season, as employers gain confidence in the signs of stronger consumer demand

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Charge! Black Friday Shoppers Push Into Stores

By AARON KATERSKY, BECKY WORLEY and BILL McGUIRE Nov. 26, 2010 Bleary-eyed shoppers lined up before dawn today to push their way into stores across the nation, kicking off the annual Black Friday retail ritual. No injuries were reported, unilke two years ago when a Walmart worker was trampled to death in Long Island, N.Y.

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Best Black Friday Deals Online and IRL

By BECKY WORLEY Nov. 25, 2010 Thanksgiving is here, and along with thoughts of family and thankfulness, many are already planning ahead to tomorrow's Black Friday sales. Black Friday has become a cultural phenomenon in which shoppers compete for the best possible deal

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For Retail Workers, Black Friday Starts Thursday

By BRADLEY BLACKBURN Nov. 24, 2010 For thousands of retail employees across the country, Thanksgiving morning won't be a time to put a turkey in the oven.

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10 Best Gift Cards

By TOM VAN RIPER, Nov. 27, 2010 What to give for Christmas when you don't have time to shop? Gift cards, of course.

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Airport Pat-Downs: A Fine for Saying No?

By SUSANNA KIM Nov. 23, 2010 The day before Thanksgiving will be the pre-holiday ritual of long lines, frustration -- and National Opt-Out Day, a movement calling on alrline passengers to forego the controversial new body scanning machines in favor of manual security pat-downs. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says it can fine individuals up to $11,000 for walking away from the airport security process.

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Online real estate listings: It’s time to clean up our act

“Honey, I know we’ve been talking about this forever, but I think maybe now really is the time we should buy a home.” “I know… rates are ridiculously low, but with this economy the way it is… it still feels risky.” “Look, we’re over thirty. You’re pregnant.

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