Cartel Killer Suspect: 14-Year-Old American

The Associated Press 2 comments By KATHERINE CORCORAN and OSWALD ALONSO Associated Press CUERNAVACA, Mexico December 3, 2010 (AP) In cargo pants and a T-shirt, the skinny, American-born 14-year-old looked like he should be in middle school. Instead he was surrounded by three armed Mexican soldiers in ski masks and camouflage as he told reporters that he helped a Mexican drug gang behead four people. Mexican officials say they arrested the youth known as "El Ponchis" late Thursday at an airport south of Mexico City with a 19-year-old sister who is accused of helping him dump the bodies.

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Stormy Weather Greets President Obama in Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

By JAKE TAPPER and KAREN TRAVERS BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan Dec. 3, 2010 One year and two days after President Obama appeared before an audience at West Point and told the nation he was sending 30,000 more U.S.

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Female Police Chief Murdered in Mexico

By OLIVIA KATRANDJIAN Dec. 3, 2010 The newly appointed female police chief of the northern Mexican town of Meoqui was shot and killed on her way to work by a convoy of gunmen who reportedly worked for drug traffickers, authorities said. Hermila Garcia Quinones, 38, was sworn in on Oct

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WikiLeaks Dropped by Domain Name Provider

The Associated Press 7 comments By LOUISE NORDSTROM Associated Press STOCKHOLM December 3, 2010 (AP) Wikileaks was forced Friday to switch over to a Swiss domain name,, after a new round of hacker attacks on its system prompted its American domain name provider to withdraw service. WikiLeaks' U.S. domain name system provider, EveryDNS, withdrew service to the name late Thursday, saying it took the action because the new hacker attacks threatened the rest of its network

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Dutch Cities to Start Crackdown on Pot Cafes

The Associated Press Post a Comment AMSTERDAM December 3, 2010 (AP) The Netherlands' justice minister and five southern Dutch cities say they will implement new restrictions on marijuana cafes after a wave of drug-related gangland violence. They said Friday the measures include shutting down many cafes, using tax and accounting laws to seize criminal assets, and introducing a "members only" pass system for remaining cafes

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Nissan Shows Off Leaf Electric Car in Japan

The Associated Press Post a Comment By YURI KAGEYAMA AP Business Writer YOKOHAMA, Japan December 3, 2010 (AP) Nissan showed off its Leaf electric car Friday, trumpeting its zero-emission technology and practicality with video of the hatchback zipping through snow and water.

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25 Israeli Guards Die Trying to Rescue Prisoners From Fire

The Associated Press Post a Comment By DAN BALILTY Associated Press MEGADIM, Israel December 2, 2010 (AP) A bus burst into flames as it raced to an Israeli prison during a massive forest fire Thursday, killing dozens of prison guards participating in a rescue mission, officials said. It is one of Israel's worst natural disasters ever and has destroyed one of the country's few wooded areas.

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Victim’s Father Angry That Amanda Knox Is ‘Celebrity’

By LAMA HASAN and NIKKI BATTISTE LONDON Dec. 2, 2010 Amanda Knox and her parents have come under a scathing attack by John Kercher, who claims that Knox has been turned into a "minor celebrity" despite being convicted of murdering his daughter Meredith Kercher.

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SKoreans Dismissed Intel North’s Attack

The Associated Press Post a Comment By HYUNG-JIN KIM Associated Press SEOUL, South Korea December 2, 2010 (AP) South Korea's spies had information indicating North Korea might attack a front-line island in August, but the intelligence chief dismissed it as a routine threat. Yeonpyeong Island, a tiny enclave of civilians and military bases located near a disputed maritime border, endured a barrage of North Korean shells last week, and lawmakers in Seoul slammed the government Thursday for the intelligence failure. The surprise revelation came the day before in an unusually candid private briefing by spy chief Won Sei-hoon.

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Collecting Bodies in Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic


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