Best Real Estate Convention and Most Best Speaker of the Year

AGBeat has just announced a survey to determine the Best Real Estate Convention and Most Best Speaker of the Year.  The survey can be found here. Share your opinion.

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Economist Fine Properties Fair October 18-19

Stefan Swanepoel presents a webinar with tips on buying international real estate at The Economist’s Fine Properties Fair – online October 18th. Chat with numerous real estate experts and get information on global properties you might not find...

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A Look at Generations

Generations Each generation is unique – they react differently to and change what previous generations have done over time. With this understanding in mind, I find it valuable to not only appreciate where our own generation, and those generations before us, has come from, but also what to expect and how to work with the coming generations. Each generation approaches challenges differently and as a result, solutions are obtained differently. That is not to say that one solution is better than another, it is just to make note that if a ...

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Speaker provides inspirational keynote message for 2011

The new business fable Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life is the foundation of a new fascinating 90-minute talk titled “Safari of Self Discovery.” A distracted couple embarks on a three-day visit to Africa. While the husband bemoans the lack of cell phone coverage and is consumed with worry about his business thousands of miles away, his wife becomes immediately immersed in life in the East African plains. Slowly they gain wisdom from the wild animals they encounter and they find themselves revisiting many perspectives they ...

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Into the Cloud

Into the CloudThere is an increasing departure from traditional offices with a move into cloud computing. In cloud computing, the word “cloud” is a metaphor for “the Internet,” so the phrase describes computing services (servers, storage, applications, etc.) that are delivered to an organization’s computers and devices through the Internet. Customers pay for services on an as- needed, pay-per-use business model in which the cloud provider maintains the infrastructure, not the individual user. This virtualization of resources won’t, however, occur overnight. The single biggest hurdle to overcome is the difficulty in delivering ...

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Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast LaneAs economist Hal Varian noted, in the early days of the Internet, every web page had in its footer, “Copyright 1996 Do not redistribute.” Now, a decade and a half later, those same pages have at their core a social aspect listed as “Copyright 2011 Click here to share with friends.” As a result, we find that sharing and storing all the information online, as opposed to a walled garden policy of guarding information, has become the golden standard for information access online. This shift speaks volumes to not only ...

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2011: An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Another 365 days quietly slips into the past. A year that had devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China and Indonesia, its fair share of tropical storms, hurricanes and even large volcanic eruptions in Iceland and Japan. Natural disasters often remind us how extremely insignificant we are. Copyright: Shutterstock Adversity often affords us a special opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people. No other event in 2010 made that more clear to me than the rescuing of the 33-trapped miners after a two-month ordeal underground. Truly inspirational! However why ...

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Survey Results: Top 10 Words

Two weeks ago we started a discussion on RealBlogging on “What words best describe…” the past decade. The ides is to think up the best words or phrases that describe the past decade 2000-2010. After several interesting contributions, we’ve selected what we believe to be the Top 40 mentioned. From there we created the survey: Top 10 Words of the Decade. Below is the results of that survey: Top 10 Words/Phrases of 2000-2010 Facebook Google Social Media 9/11 Foreclosures “There’s an App for that!” Blog iPhone Twitter Green What an interesting combination with Social Media and related sites taking several of the ...

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Utilizing Wireless Internet

technology150In 1999, Real Estate Confronts Technology noted that: In the world of technological leaps, wireless Internet access will be the next obvious accomplishment. The popularity of portable communication devices is predicted to continue as wireless service increasingly displaces traditional telephone lines. By 2002, wireless service for the Internet will be creating millions of new uses and opportunities. The cellular phone may soon emerge as the ideal Internet access tool and could even displace computers as the Web-connection device of choice by 2005. And it has! Mobile technology has enjoyed rapid evolution since its inception ...

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New Business Book in Bookstores 3.1.2011

Yesterday we launched the Serengeti Book Channel on You Tube. Here is the first video announcing my new business book that will be on shelves at Borders, Barnes & Nobel and Books-A-Million on 3.1.2011. It’s only 90 second long so please watch it, subscribe and “Like” it and then let me know what you think. I am really very anxious to get your feedback! Thanks and happy holidays! Stefan Business Book by Stefan Swanepoel. Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Succeed in Business & Life

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