5 New Construction Trends You Need to Know

As real estate professionals we are trained to keep a very close eye on changes in the housing marketplace. But we also need to pay particular attention to what is happening in the world of new construction, as construction trends can have a dramatic impact on the housing market. Here are five [...]

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Mastery: The Key To Success in Anything!

Have you ever wondered why some agents seem to do so well in real estate while others seem to struggle continuously? What I have learned over the years of coaching and training agents is that real estate is a profession that allows for individuality and uniqueness. In fact I am a firm [...]

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20 Real Estate Photography Tips

First impressions are critical when selling real estate. Buyers and their real estate agents are scouring the internet and the MLS for potential properties and they have to rely on the accuracy – and appeal – of the photos that accompany the listings online. These photos are what attract and capture [...]

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Rethinking Vacation Coverage

With the summer months almost upon us, I hope you have planned some time off to have fun in the sun. However, with vacation and time off comes the worry about what will happen with your business while you are away. Or perhaps you wind up promising to give away half your [...]

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Building Your Online Presence: Essential to Your Online Brand

Recently I worked with a group of real estate agents and asked them to focus on building their online presence.  I wanted to see how their business was affected by increasing their online visibility. Of course, I wanted them to blog and have a strong presence in their community but I also [...]

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Simplify to Multiply: The Art of Building Your Business

Many real estate agents that I coach are shocked when the advice I give them to make their business more productive is to stop working harder. It is a myth that you have to work harder or longer or with more people to make more money. In the end, this is actually [...]

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Getting the Right People on Your Bus: An Essential Element of Success

Great leaders do it, smart business people do it, successful real estate agents do it, even celebrities and athletes do it: I’m talking about getting the right people on your professional bus. Think of a celebrity in a movie or a singer performing at a rock concert; they all have a team of [...]

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Know Your Market: A Telling Look Back!

A lot has changed over the past two decades in the housing industry. The makeup of buyers, tenants, as well as household formation has all changed dramatically. Here are some changes that are worth noting and keeping track of as time goes on. MEDIAN AGE AT FIRST MARRIAGE There are many reasons people [...]

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Why not Be Unique, Authentic and MEMORABLE!

Ask any real estate agent that has truly embraced their authentic self in their brand and they will tell you that while it was scary at first, it was probably one of the best business decisions they ever made. I am not talking about buying a $29 logo online from someone in a foreign [...]

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My Company’s Brand or My Brand, Which Should I Use?

A client who had hired us to create her brand was approached by her managing broker. He didn’t understand why the agent hired me to do “branding.” His comment? “Why do you need to spend money on that? We have company marketing materials that you can use.” Sound familiar? I bet it does. [...]

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