6 Home Improvements That Offer Sellers the Best ROI

Today’s homebuyers are less attracted to cosmetic aesthetics and more to a home’s bones, mechanicals and structural improvements BY DONNA SHRYER Homebuyers—regardless of generation—want a move-in-ready home. That may sound like an old song, but looking forward there’s a new verse. Move-in-ready is less about trending pop and sizzle in the kitchen and bathroom and [...]

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Selling Your Home After a Divorce

Selling a home is difficult even in the best of situations. If you are in the midst of a divorce, though, it can be downright traumatic. Before you put your house on the market, you might want to consider a few basic tips. While they may not magically make the process of selling your home [...]

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Buyers Need Not Worry About 2008 All over Again

Last week, realtor.com released a survey of active home shoppers (those who plan to purchase their next home in 1 year or less). The survey asked their opinion on an impending recession and its possible impact on the housing market. Two major takeaways from the survey: 42% believe a recession will occur this year or [...]

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17 Killer Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in 2019

Buying a home can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. These tips will help you navigate the process, save money and avoid common mistakes. We organized them into four categories: Mortgage down payment tips. Mortgage application tips. House shopping tips. First-time home buyer mistakes to avoid. 1. Start saving for a down [...]

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Bank of Mom and Dad the 7th Largest Lender in the U.S.

Young adults are increasingly relying on financial help from their parents in order to buy their first homes. In fact, the extent of this financial assistance is so great, that if parents were considered a financial institution, they would be the seventh largest mortgage lender in the U.S. The surprising finding was announced in a [...]

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Real Estate Markets Set to Spring Forward

Just like our clocks this weekend, in the majority of the country, the housing market will soon “spring forward!” Similar to tension in a spring, the lack of inventory available for sale has been holding back the market. Many potential sellers believe that waiting until Spring is in their best interest. Traditionally, they would have [...]

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Does Pressure Washing Damage Vinyl Siding on Your Home?

Residential pressure washing is an excellent way to improve a home’s curb appeal, removing years of baked-on mud, dirt, and other unsightly grime. Roof washing, as well as gutter brightening and window washing, also protect those surfaces from long-term damage caused by abrasive and corrosive debris. However, is pressure washing safe for vinyl siding? Improper [...]

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How to Sell an Unusual Home

Houses come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and layouts. Most follow standard building methods and aesthetic trends of their era, but some are designed by dreamers, artists, or eccentric homeowners. When those unusual homes go up for sale, it’s up to the real estate professional to know how to market the property to get it [...]

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Buyers: Just Say No to FSBO

There was a lively conversation on our neighborhood Nextdoor last week from someone who was listing his home for sale by owner (FSBO) and wanted to get the word out to neighbors but definitely did NOT want to attract the attention of real estate agents. He had a few choice words for agents around what [...]

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Home Prices Still Rising in Most Cities

Most markets across the country are still seeing home prices inch up, although at a slower pace than in previous quarters. The national median single-family home price in the fourth quarter of 2018 was $257,600, up 4 percent from a year ago, the National Association of REALTORS® reported Tuesday. Regional Breakdown Here’s how existing-home sales [...]

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