Pointers for First Time Home Buyers

Here are a few key things you should know to successfully navigate the process of buying a house: Before you make an offer Be selective in choosing a lender Choosing to work with a local lender may improve your chances of getting your offer accepted. Local lenders tend to be more client focused, and can [...]

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Housing Boom Has No End in Sight

Unemployment keeps falling and home prices keep going up. It’s a great recipe for a strong housing market. Nothing has been able to stop the housing boom — not even higher interest rates. Luxury home builder Toll Brothers (TOL) said Tuesday that demand for its houses was strong across the country — the company signed [...]

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Is Largest U.S. Homebuilder Pulling Back?

Homebuilding giant Lennar is reportedly looking to sell its real estate lending arm, Rialto Capital, as builders continue to face a stagnant housing market, The Wall Street Journal reports. Lennar has declined to comment publicly on the recent news reports, but in an investor call last week and in April it did confirm it was [...]

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New Tariffs Could Bring Higher Home Prices

President Donald Trump’s administration this week imposed another round of trade tariffs worth some $200 billion on Chinese goods, and now homebuilders say they’re worried it could lead to an increase in the costs of housing construction. The tariffs, which will come into effect on September 24, will begin at 10 percent and increase to [...]

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Relocating and Need to Find an Agent?

As part of your search to find the perfect agent to help you find a new home when you relocate, here are some things that you might want to look for. What to Look For You will need to do some research to find a REALTOR® who matches your needs. Keep in mind what is [...]

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True Cost of NOT Owning Your Home

Owning a home has great financial benefits, yet many continue to rent! Today, let’s look at the financial reasons why owning a home of your own has been a part of the American Dream for the entirety of America’s existence. Realtor.com reported that: “Buying remains the more attractive option in the long term – that [...]

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How Much Are Parents Spending to Live Near Good Schools?

It’s back-to-school season and aside from shelling out money on supplies for their children, many parents are spending millions of extra dollars to live near the best public elementary and secondary schools in their areas. According to data from home search portal realtor.com, homebuyers in California, New York, and Washington state are spending well above [...]

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How Much Real Estate Does $1 Buy in Different Markets?

It’s no secret that housing prices have been quickly climbing over the past decade — the median home value in the U.S. is higher than ever before, at almost $220,000, and some markets, like San Jose, Las Vegas and Atlanta, are reporting double-digit annual home value growth in the U.S. Markets . But understanding what [...]

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Uber Real Estate. Disruptor or Distractor?

Uber announced the launch of its real estate services today. Its news release touts huge discount commissions and fees, and indicts the current real estate industry as the “enemy of the people.” The news release is big on hype, and little on detail. It won’t take Uber long to figure out the complexity of the [...]

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Top 5 Reality TV Myths vs. Real Life

Have you ever been flipping through the channels, only to find yourself glued to the couch in an HGTV binge session? We’ve all been there, watching entire seasons of “Love it or List it,” “Million Dollar Listing,” “House Hunters,” “Property Brothers,” and so many more all in one sitting. When you’re in the middle of [...]

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