Sounding Boards…

The Power of the Listening to the Right People Around You By Julie Escobar Years and years ago at a business retreat, I was fortunate enough to sit in on a session with an incredible speaker by the name of Art Fettig.  A soft-spoken and gentle man, it was interesting to watch him command absolute quiet in [...]

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Making the Connection…

Celebrating that Little Law of Attraction. It’s amazing how our world works when we are willing to open our minds and hearts to what’s possible.  I tell you, I’m a lucky girl.   I’ve got good friends, REAL friends.  You know the kind – the “you could wake them up at 2am and they’d be there for [...]

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The Power of Words

Inspirations from a Poet Laureate “If you get – give.”  “If you learn – teach.” Just some of the powerful words that sparked inspired thought throughout my home and family recently after watching an episode of Oprah’s Master Class with Maya Angelou. Touched by the genuine spirit and overwhelming honesty of one of our nation’s Poet Laureates [...]

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Fuel for Thought: Ideas to Keep Going Strong All Year Long

It’s interesting how some people seem to keep their momentum high despite the market dips and flips, personal setbacks or obstacles and all of life’s little detours.  When I think of what attributes those people have that are elusive to others, I am reminded of the words of Mother Teresa, “To keep a lamp burning, [...]

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Three Wishes…That Could Make All the Difference in Your 2011

I was asked by an agent the other day for my advice  on the top three things they should do to help make the New Year ahead more successful.  Talk about your loaded questions-right?  Truthfully, there’s a giant spectrum of things you could and should do to increase your odds of success in the next [...]

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Bookmark Your Story..

The Power of Taking a Break from the Past By Julie Escobar I was on a long drive with a good friend the other day and we got to talking about how some people get so caught up in their own “story” that they leave little room for anyone else.  We were thinking about how unproductive [...]

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Hearing Voices? You’re Not Crazy, You Have a Conscience…

It’s an often insane world we live in.  Calendars filled with what feels like 24/7 events and breakneck speed commitments.  It’s not easy to strike the balance, I know.  For some however, it’s all too easy to stop listening to that still small voice inside their head.  The result?  They short cut their integrity or [...]

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Go Big or Go Home: The Power of Unlimited Thinking

I love that great state of Texas motto, “Go BIG or go home.”  It epitomizes the spirit of unlimited thinking.  Too often the barriers to our success have nothing to do with outside forces and everything to do with the walls that we put up in our own minds for what we believe we can [...]

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