Mind your (Tech) Manners!

This is true. Sad but true. Recently, a wonderful agent I know lost a high end buyer due to lack of technical manners. This is a very experienced agent with generally excellent (live) communication skills. But the buyer was from out of the area, and was e-mailing this somewhat old school baby boomer aged Realtor. He is [...]

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They googled ” Honest Realtor”… and found me!

I have been working with a delightful young couple. As usual, when they contacted me I set up a pre-showing interview so we could get aquainted. We went over theirwish- list of things they wanted in their first home. I also like to find out about their hobbies, and recreation interests. We chit chat a [...]

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Are you FOCUSED?

Are you focused on your goals and dreams? Here is an acronym I created: F.O.C.U.S. Forward. Optimistic. Centered. Uncompromising. Steps of Action I would like to go through each of these and share my experience. Forward:Too often I see people with regrets. More damaging I see how the woulda coulda shoulda mentality is like a vice on their [...]

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I truly admire your hat collection!

Whether or not you know it, if you are in Real Estate — you own a very impressive hat collection. We are continually changing roles all day long.  This can be an energy drain if you are not aware of it. I once wrote an article on 101 things your Realtor does, and the list [...]

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If you are like me, you have a lot going on. There are zillions of coaches and advice out there on ” time management”. I have to admit, I am a little bit of a scatter brain and it has worked well for me. You see…I am not a ” list maker” or someone who organizes every [...]

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Be the Relocation Guru in Your Area!

I have a passion for helping people relocate to my city-Spokane, WA. No offense to anyone in particular but I don’t appreciate paying those hefty relocation referral fee’s which are often as much as 40%. Don’t get me wrong- I have paid my share of them, and occasionally I still land a company referral with [...]

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When Less is More

There should be a whole lot more buyin’ and a whole lot less cryin’ goin’ on! If people truly understood the purchase power they have at this time, none of us would be getting a day off. Let’s make it a point to pick up the phone and let everyone know…when rates are this low…you can [...]

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Give Yourself a Hand (out…)!

It is time for each of us in this business to shout it from the rooftops!  Extra, Extra, read all about it!…”TODAY’S INTEREST RATES CAN SAVE YOU FAR MORE THAN ANY GOVERNMENT TAX REBATE!” Hear ye, Hear ye…just because the hand out is behind us…maybe nobody has told the rest of the world that over the life [...]

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Languish Anguish…Kiss Stale Listings GOODBYE!

As real estate professionals- there IS something we can do to help this market move along quicker than it is currently. Are you currently working with unmotivated sellers? If so, you may be part of the problem rather than the solution. I suggest having a meeting with all of your sellers and taking their pulse on [...]

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What do YOU do all day?

101 Things YOUR Realtor does…Buyer consultsBuyer searches (MLS)Shows Homes and other properties (drive, drive, drive!)Contacts with lenders/ pre-approval Phone calls to buyers regarding propertiesWriting offersPresenting offersWriting addendumsArrang...

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